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Inflation Relief: Tax Cuts Vs. Rebate Checks in Michigan

Inflation Relief [Photo: KERO - Bakersfield, California]
Inflation Relief [Photo: KERO - Bakersfield, California]

In Michigan, Republicans propose tax cuts on income while Democrats put forward $180 in rebate checks as inflation relief. In this article, read and find out which of the two is a better option for the state!

Governor Whitmer on Michigan Inflation Relief [Photo: Detroit Free Press]

Governor Whitmer on Michigan Inflation Relief [Photo: Detroit Free Press]

Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan proposed to provide tax filers of the state with $180 in rebate checks. However, Republicans blocked the proposal to guarantee a permanent decrease in the income taxes. This is because Republicans believe that the tax cuts will provide more inflation relief in the future.

According to Hendrickson, last March 7, Whitmer signed a bill into law that unfortunately will not be effective until early 2024. This is because the two-thirds supermajority dominated by Senate Republicans rejected the bill. The Republicans made this move to retain a predicted income tax rate decrease that could be set off by a 2015 law. Reports say this law needs Michigan to reduce income taxes if the revenue substantially outpaces the rate of inflation.

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Better Inflation Relief for Michigan

An article on Bridge Detroit states that the better option for Michigan tax filers depends on an individual’s situation. Eventually, taxpayers would save more money with income tax cuts. However, low-income earners will take longer to distinguish those savings.

For example, tax filers who earn up to $30,000 per year could save around $63 per year if the income tax rate declines to 4.04%. Therefore, if the tax cuts are permanent, it would take around three years to match the $180 in one-time rebate checks.

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