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2023 Tax Refunds: Common Reasons Why Refunds Could Be Delayed

2023 Tax Refund [Photo: HW&Co.]
2023 Tax Refund [Photo: HW&Co.]

Some taxpayers worry that their refunds may have been lost when they take longer than 21 days to be received. In this article, read and find out what are the common reasons why 2023 tax refunds could be delayed!

2023 Tax Refund [Photo: TurboTax - Intuit]

2023 Tax Refund [Photo: TurboTax – Intuit]

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) states that they organize tax refunds for about 21 days. Any delay could be because the agency needs to check some information or documents that are missing. An article on the H&R Block states that in addition, tax returns that were filed on paper could take up to six months to process. Therefore, the IRS does not recommend this type of filing method for the 2023 tax refunds.

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Common Reasons Why 2023 Tax Refunds Could Be Delayed

According to Candelera, the IRS cannot issue the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) or the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) before mid-February by law. Furthermore, aside from inaccurate or incomplete tax returns, a taxpayer’s 2023 tax refunds could be delayed because of the taxes they owed to the IRS. Taxpayers may have also forgotten to update their bank account number if they changed it. An amended tax return will also delay the issuance of the tax refunds. Some taxpayers are also unfortunately affected by identity fraud or theft which could also delay the process.

To avoid the delay of the tax refunds, the IRS suggests that taxpayers gather all necessary information and documents, verify everything, or even hire a professional tax preparer. The tax returns must also not be filed on paper unless there is no other option. Direct deposit payment must also be chosen to receive the tax refunds as soon as possible.

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