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Identity Theft Suspect Led Group To Use Stolen IDs In Buying Vehicles in Massachusetts

Identity Theft Suspect [Photo: HR Daily Advisor - BLR]
Identity Theft Suspect [Photo: HR Daily Advisor - BLR]

Alvin Rivera was identified as the ringleader of the group that stole personal information in Massachusetts. Reports say this group used the stolen information to buy several vehicles worth millions of dollars.

Identity Theft Suspect Stole Personal Information [Photo: Daily Voice]

Identity Theft Suspect Stole Personal Information [Photo: Daily Voice]

Alvin Rivera, 39, allegedly provided stolen personal information to his accomplices to buy vehicles of old models and apply for 100% loan. Between the period of October 2017 and September 2020, the accomplices allegedly frequented car dealerships in the state of Massachusetts.

An article on the Fox News states that the identity theft suspect and his accomplices used personal information such as Social Security cards and fake Puerto Rico driver’s licenses as proof of identification in the transactions with the car dealerships. The pieces of information were also used to apply for credit cards and open bank accounts. Several of the illegally purchased vehicles with a total of over $1.5 million were allegedly even exported out of the country. Reports say the identity theft suspect also used this similar scheme in the state of New Jersey between the period of October 2017 and February 2018.

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Charges Faced by the Identity Theft Suspect

According to an article on NBC Boston, the authorities have eventually described the identity theft suspect as the ringleader of the group. On March 13, the suspect pleaded guilty to aggravated identity, wire fraud, and false representation of a Social Security number and faced charges of identity theft and fraud. Reportedly, the  identity theft suspect will be sentenced on June 15 to over 20 years in prison.

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