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Rapper Hurricane Chris Acquitted In Man’s Death By Louisiana Jury

Rapper Hurricane Chris [Photo: CNN]
Rapper Hurricane Chris [Photo: CNN]

American rapper Hurricane Chris was accused of shooting a man to his death in Louisiana. However, the state’s jury has recently acquitted him of the criminal charges.

American Rapper's Alleged Shooting Case [Photo: Vox]

American Rapper’s Alleged Shooting Case [Photo: Vox]

On June 19, 2020, American rapper “Hurricane Chris” was accused of shooting Danzeria Farris Jr., 32, multiple times at a Texaco gas station in Shreveport, Louisiana. Thereafter, Farris Jr. was declared dead at a hospital in the area. In October 2020, the rapper was indicted by a grand jury in Caddo Parish.

An article on the Fox News states that Hurricane Chris, whose real name is Christopher Dooley, 34, was the godson of former Democratic state Representative Barbara Norton. The rapper was known for his 2007 album “51/50 Ratchet” which included his hit single “A Bay Bay.” To date, the song’s music video on YouTube has gained more than 36 million views already.

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Verdict on Hurricane Chris’ Case

According to an article on ABC News, on March 14, the Louisiana jury panel acquitted the American rapper and found him not guilty of illegal possession of stolen things and second-degree murder in connection with the death of Farris Jr.

Hurricane Chris had reportedly been on trial in the state’s district court for over a week before the final verdict. Prosecutors have presented several witnesses, while the defense put forward two, including the rapper. In an interview with The Shade Room, the rapper stated that he is grateful to his family, to God, and his lawyers at the Washington & Wells Law Firm for supporting him when his life was on the line. He said that the case has drained him and extremely affected his health. 

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