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Student Debt Relief Plan Lawsuit To Be Decided By Supreme Court in Late June

Student Debt Relief Plan [Photo:]
Student Debt Relief Plan [Photo:]

The final decision on the Student Debt Relief Plan lawsuit is to be given by the Supreme Court in the late June. Reports say oral arguments for the plan were heard by the court around three weeks ago.

Student Debt Relief Plan in Supreme Court [Photo: CNN]

Student Debt Relief Plan in Supreme Court [Photo: CNN]

On February 28, oral arguments for the Student Debt Relief Plan were heard by the Supreme Court. Two cases have reportedly blocked the implementation of the U.S. President Joe Biden’s plan to cancel up to $20,000 in federal debt per student borrower. In the first case, a judge in Texas decided to block the plan after deeming it illegal. On the other, a federal judge suspended the plan after six Republican-dominated states sued the administration of Biden.

An article on NerdWallet states that the oral arguments lasted for almost four hours which is beyond the schedule of two hours only. This is because the nine justices bombarded the parties involved with questions about the plan’s fairness, the legal standing, and the merits of the case. Biden’s administration shut down the applications for the plan in November 2022. However, around 26 million student borrowers, roughly 16 million of them were approved, have already applied for the plan after it was announced in August of the same year.

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Final Decision for the Student Debt Relief Plan

An article on Middlebury states that a final decision for the plan is expected to be given by the Supreme Court by late June. Due to the pending decision from the Supreme Court, the White House ordered an extension to the leniency of the plan for the ninth time. This means that the suspension of the plan will be extended to whichever comes first between the 60 days after the final decision or the 60 days after June 30.

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