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Oklahoma Marijuana Legalization Rejected After Christians Fought For Their Belief

Oklahoma Marijuana Legalization [Photo: Forbes]
Oklahoma Marijuana Legalization [Photo: Forbes]

The Oklahoma marijuana legalization had recently been rejected by the voters of the state last week. Officials say the result came from the collective efforts of the Christian community of the state.

Oklahoma Marijuana Legalization [Photo: National Institute on Drug Abuse]

Oklahoma Marijuana Legalization [Photo: National Institute on Drug Abuse]

On March 7, the voters of the state have rejected the Oklahoma marijuana legalization. The proposal was to legalize recreational marijuana, but it has failed in the 77 counties of Oklahoma. Officials say that the result came from the collective efforts of the Christian community. The Christian residents of Oklahoma were allegedly highly motivated to reject the growing acceptance of marijuana in the state.

According to Miller, the “Don’t California Our Oklahoma” ad campaign  in the newspapers also encouraged the residents to block the Oklahoma marijuana legalization. The president of Oklahoma Faith Leaders, Paul Abner, has a group that constitutes six Christian sects including the Catholics, Baptists, and Nazarenes.

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Negative Effects of Oklahoma Marijuana Legalization

An article on the James Lankford website states that Republican Senator James Lankford stated that the Oklahoma marijuana legalization was rejected because many of the families in the state were of faith. In addition, reports say the state has several medical marijuana facilities already. It has even more medical marijuana shops than Colorado, Oregon, and Washington combined and more authorized marijuana farms than California. Nonetheless, the marijuana insisted on even more facilities which the residents of Oklahoma have rejected.

Pat McFerron, a political consultant from Oklahoma, added that the key component of the rejection of Oklahoma marijuana legalization is that the residents are becoming more aware of the negative effects of marijuana as the science becomes more understandable. These negative effects include schizophrenia  and psychosis as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) strains, the main psychoactive constituent of marijuana, become more potent.

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