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4 Sexual Assault Acts Committed By Washington Man In Span of 50 Minutes

Sexual Assault [Photo: Florin|Roebig]
Sexual Assault [Photo: Florin|Roebig]

Elliot Johnson was arrested for committing four counts of sexual assault against four female victims. Reportedly, all four sexual abuse acts were committed in a span of 50 minutes.

Sexual Assault [Photo: Florin|Roebig]

Sexual Assault [Photo: Florin|Roebig]

On March 2, Elliot Johnson, 26, allegedly engaged in an unwanted sexual contact with a female. The sexual assault happened at 9:11 a.m in the 2400 block of Virginia Avenue. This location was reportedly near the George Washington University campus. At around 9:30 a.m., Johnson allegedly committed the same crime in the 1300 block of 35th Street, Northwest. This time the location was reportedly near the Georgetown University campus.

According to Miller, about 15 minutes after the second incident, at 9:45 a.m. and 9:50 a.m., Johnson allegedly committed two more sexual abuse acts at the intersection of 35th and N Streets, Northwest, still near the Georgetown University campus. Fortunately, a police officer from the Georgetown University was able to stop Johnson as he noticed the suspect assaulting one of the four victims.

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Charges Faced by Sexual Assault Suspect

An article on the WJLA states that the detectives from the Sexual Assault Unit of the Metropolitan Police Department announced in a press release that they have already arrested Johnson. The sexual assault suspect was allegedly homeless after the police announced that he has no fixed address. After the arrest, Johnson eventually faced charges of four counts of misdemeanor sexual abuse.

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