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2023 FAFSA Deadline: What You Need to Know About Federal Student Aid

2023 FAFSA Deadline [Photo: MARCA]
2023 FAFSA Deadline [Photo: MARCA]

The FAFSA is an application for the federal financial aid to pay for college. In this article, read and find out when are the dates for the 2023 FAFSA deadline to not miss out on the applications!

2023 FAFSA Deadline [Photo: OnToCollege]

2023 FAFSA Deadline [Photo: OnToCollege]

College Deadline

An article on the Federal Student Aid states that the first 2023 FAFSA deadline comes from colleges. In general, these deadlines differ from college to college. Nonetheless, these deadlines happen before the academic year begins. Several college FAFSA deadlines have priority deadlines. This means that applicants must submit their FAFSA forms by the deadline to possibly receive the most money from their chosen college.

Reportedly, applying for the 2023 FAFSA form began last October 1 and information on the 2021 taxes must have been used. The launch date of the application on October 1 coincided with several college deadlines. Therefore, it is advised that admission and FAFSA applications must be submitted at the same time.

The State Deadline

The second 2023 FAFSA deadline is set by the states. Some states have strict deadlines, while other states only recommend dates that guarantee applicants a priority consideration to receive college money. Unfortunately, several states have limited funds. Therefore, their FAFSA deadlines may be earlier than usual. When a state announces that their FAFSA deadline is as soon as possible after October 1, then the FAFSA forms must be submitted as soon as possible.

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The Federal Deadline

Lastly, according to Helhoski, the third 2023 FAFSA deadline comes from the U.S. Department of Education. The only deadline set by the Education Department is after June 30. This means that every year, the FAFSA form for a certain academic year becomes unavailable after that date.

The 2023–24 FAFSA form disappears from the Student Aid website on June 30 every year because it is the deadline every school year. This also means that a student can go through an entire year at college even before being able to access the FAFSA form. However, postponing the federal is not a good idea compared to the earlier deadlines from colleges and states.

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