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Shooting Suspect To Be Executed In June After Killing 2 Jailers in Missouri

Shooting Suspect Michael Andrew Tisius [Photo: Center for Law, Brain & Behavior]
Shooting Suspect Michael Andrew Tisius [Photo: Center for Law, Brain & Behavior]

Michael Andrew Tisius will be executed in June after killing two jailers in Missouri. Reportedly, the shooting suspect, along with another, broke into a Huntsville state prison in Missouri to free a friend who was imprisoned.

Prison Bars [Photo: WGEM]

Prison Bars [Photo: WGEM]

In 2000, Michael Andrew Tisius, then 19, and Tracie Bulington, then 27, reportedly broke into the lobby of a state prison in Bonne Terre in Huntsville, Missouri. Tisius and Bulington intended to break into the state prison to free Roy Vance, Bulington’s boyfriend. Tisius allegedly shot to death two Randolph County jailers, namely, Jason Acton and Leon Egley.

However, an article on the Fox News states that the plan had failed because the shooting suspect did not have a chance to find the keys to the prison cell. Fortunately, on the day of a shooting incident in Wathena, Kansas, the shooting suspect and Bulington were arrested. Wathena is reportedly around 130 miles west of Huntsville.

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Shooting Suspect to be Executed

According to Moore, on March 1, 2023, the Missouri Supreme Court scheduled a date to execute the shooting suspect. This was after he was convicted of killing the victims Acton and Egley. The scheduled date of execution will reportedly be held on June 6. The execution will reportedly be through a lethal injection. On the contrary, Bulington and Vance are serving life in prison sentences.

Nonetheless, the shooting suspect’s defense attorneys have argued that their client only intended to order the jailers Acton and Egley to free Vance and some other inmates. Larry Komp, one of the defense attorneys, stated that they will plan and strive to prepare a clemency petition by identifying the legal remedies that will be sent to the Missouri Governor Mike Parson.

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