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Tax Return 2023: Deadline of Filing Extended in 3 U.S. States, Here’s Why

Tax Return 2023 [Photo: Canara HSBC Life Insurance]
Tax Return 2023 [Photo: Canara HSBC Life Insurance]

The tax season will officially end on April 18, but the deadline in filing the tax return 2023 is extended in 3 U.S. states. In this article, read and find out when and in which states were the deadline extended!

Internal Revenue Service [Photo: Reuters]

Internal Revenue Service [Photo: Reuters]

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced the official start of the 2023 tax season last January 23. On that day, the American taxpayers were allowed to begin sending their tax return 2023. The operation has a total of three months when taxpayers can file and send their tax returns to the IRS. The tax season will officially end on April 18, but in some cases there will be exceptions.

According to Quirós Villalba, there are 3 U.S. states that are exempted from the official payment schedule of the tax return 2023. This is because in these states, weather problems have occurred which resulted to an extension of the deadline of filing. This means that in these states, taxpayers may be able to send their tax returns until October 16 instead of April 18.

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States Where Tax Return 2023 Filing is Extended

An article on the Thomson Reuters website states that the states of Alabama, California, and Georgia have been given an extension to the deadline of filing the tax return 2023. In Alabama, the state suffered from several storms and tornadoes last January 12. The IRS decided to extend the deadline, but not all counties in Alabama are included.

In California, there are also different storms that arrived in the state in late 2022 until most of January 2023. Several counties in California will be given an extension to the deadline. Lastly, in Georgia, like the two states, it has also suffered from several storms in the past month. Therefore, the IRS decided to extend the deadline in 8 counties in the state.

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