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ARPA Funds Worth $4 Million Allocated In Northampton, Mayor Sciarra Says

American Rescue Plan Act [Photo: City of Irvine]
American Rescue Plan Act [Photo: City of Irvine]

The city of Northampton has received $4 million worth of American Rescue Plan Act funds from the federal government. The officials in turn grant these ARPA Funds to businesses, local projects, and nonprofits in the city.

Northampton, Massachusetts [Photo: World Atlas]

Northampton, Massachusetts [Photo: World Atlas]

The federal government issued a COVID-19 pandemic relief to the city of Northampton in the state of Massachusetts. The pandemic relief was from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) of 2021. The city received ARPA Funds worth $4 million. In turn, the officials used the funds to award several businesses, local projects, and nonprofits with financial grants.
According to Katcher, the ARPA Funds will help Northampton to recuperate from the negative effects of the pandemic. On February 16, the city announced that small businesses will receive support from the ARPA Funds. In addition, the creation of the new Community Resilience Hub in the city will be provided with almost half a million. The hub will provide daytime shelter and services to the homeless in Northampton. Furthermore, $1 million will be designated to programs that provide meals to people who struggle to find the means to feed themselves.

Use of the ARPA Funds

An article on the Northampton, MA website states that the financial grants are taken from the $22 million worth of ARPA Funds allocated to the city. The U.S. President Joe Biden approved and signed into law these ARPA Funds worth $1.9 trillion in 2021. Accordingly, the Mayor of Northampton, Gina-Louise Sciarra, stated that businesses and local community organizations will receive $4 million or around 18% of the ARPA Funds.

These funds are reportedly intended to fund projects that met one of three requirements. These requirements include helping the city recover from the negative effects of the pandemic, creating lively cultural events and social spaces, or building local resilience for any economic decline or potential pandemic.

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