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$480 Payments From $2 Billion Tax Relief In Florida— See Who Qualifies

Tax Relief [Photo: YH TAN & ASSOCIATES PLT]
Tax Relief [Photo: YH TAN & ASSOCIATES PLT]

$480 worth of direct payments will come from the $2 billion in tax relief plan in Florida. Read to find out who qualifies for these payments!

Toll Relief in Florida [Photo: WPTV]

Toll Relief in Florida [Photo: WPTV]

In December 2022, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has signed the Senate Bill 6A into law which became effective on January 1. This law intended to provide more than a million drivers in Florida with a toll credit. This means that a 50% credit was sent to accounts of drivers who use transponders to pay for tolls. The transponder is Florida-based that when used for at least 35 toll trips, the driver will receive a 50% savings. The direct payment is expected to be more than $480 per month for the whole of 2023.  

According to Russo, the toll relief was made possible when DeSantis, along with Senate President Kathleen Passidomo and House Speaker Paul Renner revealed their 2023-2024 fiscal year budget proposal. This proposal reportedly would provide $2 billion in tax relief for the residents of Florida. One of the other policies included in the proposal is the sales tax exemption on children’s items like toys, clothing, cribs, strollers, and books. In addition, sales tax exemptions would also be made when buying gas stoves and natural gas fuels. The proposal would also implement the “Freedom Summer” and “Back to School” tax holidays. The Freedom Summer tax will begin on May 29 until September 4.

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Who is eligible for the toll relief? 

According to Johnson, to be eligible for the toll relief, drivers in Florida must have toll accounts that are in good standing. They must also own two-axle vehicles and a Florida-based transponder. This transponder includes SunPass, E-Pass, and Lee-Way. Lastly, the driver must have passed through at least 35 tolls in a month. In estimation, 1.2 million drivers in Florida can receive benefits from the toll relief.

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