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Proposed $180 Relief Checks In Michigan: Will It Be Enough To Combat Inflation?

Relief Checks [Photo: AARP]
Relief Checks [Photo: AARP]

Relief checks worth of $180 were proposed by Governor Whitmer to be issued in the state of Michigan. However, will this amount be enough for the residents to combat the rising inflation?

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer [Photo: Detroit Free Press]

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer [Photo: Detroit Free Press]

Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan has revealed a proposal to issue relief checks worth $180 to the residents of Michigan. This proposal was intended to be a part of the plan to reduce the residents’ expenses. This will be made possible due to the state’s large budget surplus with billions of dollars not spent.

However, according to Barrera, since the proposal is not yet passed, there is no date yet as to when the relief checks will be issued. Nonetheless, the first batch of relief checks is expected to be issued in the spring. For now, this is the only information revealed about the proposal since it is not yet been passed in Michigan.

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Will the relief checks be enough?

An article on the Detroit Free Pass states that Whitmer’s relief checks proposal has received a halfhearted support from the residents of Michigan. Some believed the amount is not sufficient enough to go very far in relieving the economic damage brought by inflation. The proposal was supposed to be a part of a larger tax overhaul that the Democrats expected to be authorized. This is because it intends to improve the tax credits for workers with low incomes and provide tax cuts for retired workers. Nonetheless, Whitmer has sworn to still strive for the tax breaks intended for the low-income workers and retirees.

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