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Local News in Pennsylvania: Jury Convicts Man of Multiple Child Sexual Abuse Charges

A jury in Pennsylvania recently found a man named Anthony Beckem Jr. guilty of more than 20 charges of child sexual abuse, according to a report by Fox News on February 2, 2023. Beckem, who is 34 years old, was convicted of several serious crimes, including rape by forcible compulsion, rape of a child, and involuntary deviant sexual intercourse. He was also convicted of additional crimes such as strangulation, incest of a minor, and indecent assault.


Based on a report by Local 21 News on February 3, 2023, the district attorney’s office received a tip about Beckem’s abuse of multiple children, leading to an investigation by the Hampden Township Police Department. As a result of the investigation, it was discovered that Beckem had sexually abused three juveniles over the course of nearly a decade.


The district attorney, Seán McCormack, expressed his satisfaction with the verdict and thanked the jury for their attentiveness during the trial. He also acknowledged the hard work and diligent investigation of the Hampden Township Police Department and praised senior Assistant District Attorney Lauren Perchinski for her successful prosecution of the case.


Judge Christylee L. Peck has set Beckem’s bail at $1 million following the trial. He is expected to be sentenced on May 2 at 9:30 a.m. The severity of the charges against Beckem highlights the importance of preventing and prosecuting child sexual abuse. The verdict sends a strong message that such crimes will not be tolerated and will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.


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