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Escape the Household Debt Crisis: Empower Your Finances with these Effective Tools and Strategies

Household debt in the US has reached $16.51 trillion, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York on November 15, 2022, with mortgage debt being the largest contributor. To manage this growing concern, several strategies and tools are available.


Budget templates can simplify the process of managing debt. Online budget planners come in different forms, ranging from basic templates to customizable options based on your financial situation. Another strategy is consolidating debt through personal loans or balance transfer credit cards.


Based on an article published by Go Banking Rates on January 30, 2023, using financial products wisely can be crucial to budgeting. High-interest checking or savings accounts and YOLO budgeting (“You Only Live Once”), which involves setting a vision statement and spending mindfully, can be helpful. Digital cash envelope systems, zero-sum budgeting, and bare-bone budgeting can also be used to manage expenses.


To stay motivated, consider using a rewards system when reaching debt repayment milestones. Debt thermometers, which track your progress, can be downloaded for free and used to calculate interest and the total amount paid over time. This visual representation can be colored in as payments are made, giving you a clear picture of your progress in paying off debt.

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