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Local News in Tennessee: A Police Officer Reportedly Shot A 47-Year-Old Black Man

Authorities say a police officer in Nashville, Tennessee, fatally shot a 47-year-old Black man who was allegedly brandishing a gun at the officer on Monday, prompting an investigation.

The fatal shooting happened on Sunday night in North Nashville after witnesses called 911 to report seeing a man carrying a gun in the street. The man was shot, according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, because he disobeyed a police officer’s order to put down his weapon. After being taken to a hospital, the man passed away. No policemen were hurt.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department released audio recordings of two 911 calls, one of which was made by a person warning the man to stop before he gets something he doesn’t need because he was seriously pointing his gun while walking down the street.

According to an article published by Fox News on January 30, 2023, Officer Dylan Ramos arrived first and is seen approaching a man in body camera and police vehicle video released by the police department. The officer repeatedly calls out “sir, sir.” Shots can be heard after the officer yells, “Do not touch that! Drop the gun! Drop the gun!” as the man turns to leave. Don’t shoot him!, the initial caller, who was still on the line with 911, can be heard yelling.

The entire exchange takes place for about 20 seconds. The officers assisted the man, who was then taken to a hospital where he later passed away, according to the police. His name hasn’t been made public because police were attempting to contact his next of kin. Ramos, a three-year department veteran, was assigned to a routine administrative task while police look into the shooting.


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