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$600 Stimulus Checks For Farmers, Frontline Workers In February

Stimulus Relief Checks
Stimulus Relief Checks

$600 worth of stimulus checks will be given to farmers and frontline workers in the U.S. This stimulus relief is under the Farm and Food Workers Relief program organized by the Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Farm and Food Workers Relief program

Farm and Food Workers Relief program

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has organized a federal program named the Farm and Food Workers Relief federal program. This program intends to provide employees with a stimulus relief under a $665 million budget. Every eligible farmer and frontline worker is expected to receive a stimulus check worth $600 in their mail. This stimulus relief is considered an aid for the COVID-19 pandemic which still affects several Americans.

An article in MARCA says that employees who work in state agencies, non-profit organizations, and tribal entities are also eligible for this program. However, these institutions mentioned have only until February 8 to apply for the grants worth $5 million to $50 million from the federal government. One of the non-profit organizations is Comite de Bienestar. It is an organization based in Arizona that helps Mexican-Americans and other migrants overcome financial problems.

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Who is eligible for these stimulus checks?

To be eligible for the stimulus checks, an applicant does not have to be a field worker. For instance, in Yuma County, there are around 2,000 farm workers who are eligible for the stimulus checks. To be eligible, they only have to have worked legally on any day from January 2020 to December 2022. Anyone who works in the agriculture industry, may it be a tractor driver or a worker at a cooling center is eligible. Any eligible worker has the ability to reach out to their local organizations for financial assistance, as reported in MARCA.

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