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2023’s Hottest Side Gigs: Make Money in the Face of Inflation

Economy graph: green rising arrow and dollar bills.

Inflation hit levels not seen in four decades in 2022, leaving many people looking for new sources of income, as per a report by CNBC on January 13, 2023. If you’re in that position, consider one of these eight popular side gigs for the new year.

TikTok LIVE selling is on the rise, with those who have a knack for making videos and a love of certain products potentially earning money by showcasing them in their videos.

Spotify list curation is a real job, with some earning up to $500 per month by curating playlists and including certain songs through websites like SubmitHub and Playlist Push.

Stock imagery creation is in demand as virtually the entire internet requires images, audio, and web design themes.

Blockchain lending is another option, as it allows individuals and small businesses to secure financing or earn interest on their excess cash through the use of decentralized finance platforms.

Substack blogging is also a popular choice, as it allows bloggers to reach their readers directly and monetize their content through subscriptions.

Renting out your car can also be a good way to bring in additional cash. If you own a car that isn’t put to very frequent use, consider renting it out as a way to earn extra money.

Online tutoring is also a popular side hustle. With the increasing popularity of online learning, many people are turning to online tutoring as a way to earn extra money.

Last, food delivery is a popular way to earn extra money with the growing popularity of services like Grubhub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats.

Information regarding the side gigs was first reported by GOBankingRates on January 21, 2023.


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