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Middle School Student Sexually Assaulted In School Bathroom In Virginia

Frost Middle School in Virginia [Photo: FOX 5 DC]
Frost Middle School in Virginia [Photo: FOX 5 DC]

A middle school student has allegedly been sexually assaulted in a bathroom at Frost Middle School in Fairfax County, Virginia. To date, a suspect has not been identified yet.

Sexual Assault on Children

Sexual Assault on Children

On January 19, a female student at Frost Middle School reported to school officials that she was sexually assaulted in a school bathroom on January 12. School officials then immediately notified the Fairfax County Police of the incident. Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) announced that they have already written a letter to the families of the students about increasing security on campus.

According to Mion, the letter states that the safety of the students is FCPS’s number one responsibility. Any crime or safety issue brought to their awareness will be given immediate action. Additional security and adult support will be placed in the building. A “buddy” system will also be used when students decide to go to the bathroom or need to leave the classroom.

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Further Investigations into the Case

According to Mion, to date, the police are still continuing their investigations of the incident. Interviews and reviews of the school surveillance footage are being conducted. To date, a suspect has not been identified in connection with the sexual assault yet. Fairfax County Police Second Lieutenant James Curry stated that if the investigation would call for assistance in identifying the suspect, awareness would be brought to the community. Due to the ongoing investigations, FCPS stated that they are not able to provide more information. More importantly, student privacy and confidentiality must be prioritized.

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