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Jackson Hewitt: Get Your Taxes Done With A Flat-Fee of $25!

Jackson Hewitt offers a basic and low-cost online tax filing option with a flat-fee of $25 for federal and multiple state returns. However, it lacks advanced features and limited customer support. It may be a good choice for confident filers who don’t need expert assistance and have income from multiple states, according to a report by CNET.

This is a good choice for those who want a low-cost, simple, and straightforward online tax filing option. It’s best for bargain hunters who earned money in multiple states and don’t need advanced features or expert assistance.

It’s also a good option for those who prefer a minimalistic interface without upgrade offers, advertisements, and complicated questions. It’s a good deal for those who file multiple state returns and don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for professional tax preparation.

Jackson Hewitt may not be suitable for those who need extensive customer service, the ability to upload multiple forms, have a complicated return, or want expert tax help. Its lack of support and explanation of forms could lead to errors in data entry or missed tax credits.

It offers tax preparation services both online and in-person at about 3,000 kiosks in Walmart stores across the US. They have a self-service online filing option for a flat $25 fee, which includes federal and unlimited state returns.

However, the downside is that users have to input their own data and there’s no option to upload forms for automated entry.

Jackson Hewitt offers online tax preparation software with a 100% accuracy guarantee and a maximum refund guarantee. They also have a useful search function in their help section and a robust Security Center feature that allows for configuring or changing multifactor authentication, viewing session data, and adding or removing trusted devices.

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