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Unlock $213 Tax Credit: Everything You Need to Know

Americans have a limited time to claim a $213 credit to help lower their property tax bills. Wisconsin allocates funds from its lottery revenue, including track betting and bingo, for this credit in November of each year, according to Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

Wisconsin property owners can apply for a Lottery and Gaming Credit, which is estimated to be worth $213 on average in 2022. An article published by WSAW on December 28, 2022 stated that the amount is lower than 2021’s $230, but higher than the previous two years of $160 and $184.

Wisconsin’s strong lottery sales have resulted in a high average Lottery Credit of $213 in 2022. Nearly $320 million is available for residents, according to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue as stated in a published article by WJFW on December 28, 2022.

To claim the Lottery and Gaming Credit in Wisconsin, you must be a resident, homeowner or apartment dweller as of January 1 of the relevant year, and the property must be used as your primary residence. The credit can only be claimed once.

This program in Wisconsin is not available for garages, businesses, vacant land, rental units, or other property not used as the primary residence. To qualify, residents must fill out an application by January 31 and submit it to their municipal treasurer.

Wisconsin residents must fill out an application for the program after receiving their property tax bill. The municipal treasurer will then calculate the credit amount and either credit it to the tax bill or refund it to the resident. If the deadline is missed, residents can file a late application to the DOR by October 1.

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