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$1.2 Million Property Tax Rebate for Boise City Residents

On November 1, 2022, the Boise City Council, led by Mayor Lauren McLean, approved a budget of $1.2 million for the Property Tax Rebate Program. This program will provide rebates to homeowners in the city who are eligible for the state’s Circuit Breaker Program in April 2022 and have outstanding property tax bills with the City of Boise, according to an article published by the City of Boise website on November 2, 2022.

Mayor McLean recognized the effect of property taxes on residents and is dedicated to returning money to the people of Boise. The recently approved Property Tax Rebate Program aims to provide financial relief to some residents, with the possibility of expanding the program in the future.

An article by KTVB published on November 2, 2022 stated that the City of Boise Property Tax Rebate Program has begun accepting applications on December 1, 2022. Qualified residents still have until May 1, 2023 to apply for the program.

Homeowners who are eligible for the program will have several options for accessing it, including receiving an application letter in the mail, visiting the City of Boise website, and visiting local libraries in the community. I’m

To qualify for the Property Tax Rebate Program, homeowners must have participation in the State of Idaho’s Circuit Breaker Program in 2022, still own their home or mobile home as of June 30, 2023, and have paid their 2022 property taxes in full by June 2023.

To apply, homeowners must provide a parcel number, primary property owner’s name and address, and SSN, TIN, or EIN. This information is necessary to identify the property and confirm ownership, as well as for identification purposes.

Property Tax Rebate checks will be mailed to the primary property owner in August 2023 and should be considered a one-time payment, as the program may not be offered in future years.


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