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A Couple Was Arrested After Illegally Trespass A Store in Florida

A couple in Florida is accused of breaking into an empty house and stealing goods from a store. They called for help but were instead arrested.

The culprit was named as “Martin” by police authorities on December 29, when a Dollar General shop in Poinciana, Florida, was broken into at around one in the morning. The same day, deputies received a 911 call, but no one was there to speak base on the Facebook post of Polk County Sheriff’s Office on January 01, 2023.

When they arrived at the home where the complaint originated, deputies from Polk County discovered an unlocked door. They discovered Martin and his girlfriend “Liz,” despite of knowing that no one resided in the house.

According to an article posted by WTVT-TV on January 03, 2023, the suspects was identified as Martin Gonzales-Garcia and Ashializ Roldan-Oscasio.

Neither Gonzalez-Garcia nor Roldan-Oscasio resided in the house, according to the statement. Gonzalez-Garcia was taken into custody by deputies in connection with the theft and break-in at Dollar General as well as a burglary. Roldan-Oscasio was also detained for breaking into a house in line to an article posted by True Crime Daily on January 03, 2023.

According to Roldan-Oscasio’s affidavit, they entered the house in order to find a place to remain for the night get out of the cold.

A bag reportedly containing marijuana was also discovered by deputies. Gonzalez-Garcia is said to have acknowledged the stealing incident. He said that he stole the items to sell them in order for them to have money. Gonzalez-Garcia and Roldan-Ocasio were brought to the Polk County Detention Center.


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