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Save 50% on Amazon Prime with SNAP Benefits

Amazon Prime offers fast free shipping, a streaming video service with original content, and other benefits. While it can be convenient and valuable for many people, it can be expensive since it costs $14.99 per month or $139 per year, according to an article published by CNBC on December 22, 2022. There is also a streaming video service option for $8.99 per month. Low-income Americans may be eligible for discounted Prime membership through Amazon Access.

An article published by The Ascent on January 2, 2023 stated that Amazon Access offers discounted Prime memberships to people enrolled in government assistance programs such as SSI, SNAP, Medicaid, DE, TANF, NSLP, LIHEAP, WIC, and TTANF.

To qualify, recipients must provide proof of enrollment in the form of a card or eligibility letter. This program allows eligible individuals to receive a Prime membership at $6.99 per month, a discount of more than 50% off the standard monthly price.

SNAP benefits can be used to purchase groceries at Whole Foods Market through Amazon. Amazon Access offers discounted Prime memberships to SNAP recipients, providing additional savings on food delivery for one year.

To continue receiving the discount, SNAP recipients must renew their Prime membership annually with proof of continuing eligibility.

Using SNAP benefits to save money on groceries through Amazon and utilizing the discounted Prime membership can help reduce food costs and delivery fees.


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