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$500 for Alexandria Residents in February: First Payment Details Released!

Residents in Alexandria, Virginia who have been chosen to receive an additional $500 per month for the next two years can expect to receive their first payment in February, as stated in an update by the Washington Examiner on December 29, 2022.

An article released by the City of Alexandria on December 16, 2022 stated that on December 13, the city notified 170 of the applicants for the Alexandria Recurring Income for Success and Equity program that they had been randomly selected for the program.

Julie Mullen, coordinator of the ARISE program, mentioned that the first payment is expected to be distributed in February of 2023, as stated in an article published by the Washington Examiner on December 30, 2022. All 170 participants must be onboarded before payment can be made. There may be delays if any issues arise during the onboarding process, but none are currently anticipated.

The 170 chosen recipients can use the money as they wish. The program aims to change the way the city helps residents in need of financial assistance, according to Mayor Justin Wilson. If a chosen participant leaves the program, they will be replaced by someone from the pool of applicants.

The City of Alexandria stated in an article released on October 20, 2022 that applicants must have been residents of Alexandria, 18 or older, and earning 50% or less of Alexandria’s area median income based on household size to be eligible for the program. The income limits ranged from $49,890 per year for a one-person household to $82,550 per year for a six-person household. There were no citizenship or work requirements.

Applications for the program were accepted from October 31 to November 9 of 2022. More information about the program can be found on Alexandria’s website.



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