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A Colorado Springs man allegedly killed his roommate by bow and arrow due to a possible acid overdose.

A 36-year-old Colorado Springs man has been arrested on suspicion of killing his roommate with a compound bow and arrow. After the incident, the suspect, Carlos Alberto Trejo, allegedly broke into a local police station and turned himself in.

A Colorado Springs police officer allegedly caught Trejo trying to enter the back parking lot of the station and breaking a glass window. He allegedly climbed over a gate and tried to get into the locked back door of the building. When he failed, he pulled the fire alarm and broke a window with an ice scraper.

Trejo confessed to killing Rodarte and said he was willing to surrender and face the consequences of his actions.

He later told police that he was on acid and was transported to the hospital for a medical evaluation for a possible acid overdose. In addition, Trejo admitted he was using acid and cocaine the night of Dec. 16.

The body of the victim was found on the bedroom floor of an apartment in El Paso, Texas. A compound archery bow was located next to the body.

Earlier this year, Trejo pleaded guilty to driving under the influence with more than three priors, a class-4 felony, and was sentenced to six years of community corrections (Dupont, 2022).


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