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New York To Receive Final Batch Of ‘Excluded Worker’ Stimulus Checks Before 2022 Ends

New York's Excluded Workers Program
New York's Excluded Workers Program

Residents of New York will be receiving the final batch of the ‘excluded worker’ stimulus checks before 2022 ends. This program has provided relief to low-wage workers who kept the state running amidst the pandemic, says

New York Workers on Excluded Workers Program

New York Workers on Excluded Workers Program

Before 2022 ends, one last batch of stimulus checks will be received by residents of New York through the Excluded Workers Fund program. Over 1,900 people are about to receive the checks as part of the final batch of payments. Roughly $30 million worth of stimulus checks will be issued before the end of the year. The budget totals to $2.1 billion less administrative costs.

To date, a total of over 130,000 EWF applications have already been approved. This program provides financial assistance to New York residents who lost employment during the COVID-19 pandemic. This program started in August 2021 and after the first month, over 90,000 applications were received by the New York State Department of Labor.

Who is eligible for these benefits?

To be eligible for these benefits, applicants need to verify their identity and current residence. Benefits under the program are tiered. Applicants will receive one of the two amounts and the said amounts will depend on the proof of work eligibility they submitted. Tier 1 qualifiers will receive $15,600, while Tier 2 will receive $3,200. Over 99% of the approved applicants have received the maximum amount of $15,600. Approved applicants received the benefits in a one-time payment through a prepaid card, as reported by

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