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Up to $500 monthly payments offered to families in need in three US cities offered to families in need in three US cities

Three cities in the United States are launching programs that provide monthly payments of up to $500 to individuals and families in need. The CHELSEA EATS program in Massachusetts will provide payments to families to help them pay for basic necessities like food and utilities, based on a report by the Washington Examiner on December 23, 2022.

The amount of the payment depends on the size of the household, with a maximum of $400 for households with three or more people. To be eligible, applicants must have a household income at or below 30% of the HUD area median income and apply by January 6, 2023. Recipients will be selected through a weighted lottery, with preference given to certain groups, including those with children under 18, veterans, senior citizens, and disabled residents.

The Coachella Immigrant Families Recovery Program in California will provide $400 per month to 140 low-income immigrant families over the course of two years. Recipients will be selected based on who will benefit most from the program. Funding for the program was provided by the American Rescue Plan Act and local fiscal recovery funds.

Alexandria’s Recurring Income for Success and Equity (ARISE) program in Virginia will randomly select 170 eligible applicants and provide them with $500 per month for 24 months. Recipients can spend the money as they choose. To be eligible, applicants must be Alexandria residents, be 18 or older, and make 50% or less of Alexandria’s area median income.

According to Asher Notheis of the Washington Examiner, these programs are funded by COVID-19 relief funds and aim to provide financial support to individuals and families affected by the pandemic.


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