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Up To $1,050 To Be Released Next Year— See If Your State Is On The List!

Tax Rebates Program
Tax Rebates Program

There are four states that Americans should look forward to receiving up to $1,050 next year, says Xie. See the list if yours is one of them!

Tax Rebates [Photo: MARCA]

Tax Rebates [Photo: MARCA]

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed Americans’ lives over the past few years. To date, the U.S. population is still in need of financial assistance as they deal with the rising costs of living. That said, several states across the country have decided to provide stimulus payments for their residents and some have already been distributed. Still, there are some states that have not released cash assistance to their citizens yet and are expected to issue them in the first four months of 2023.

List of Four States

In California, the Middle Class Tax Refund (MCTR) program offers a one-time payment. The aim of this program is to provide relief to the residents of California. Applications are no longer needed but only eligible taxpayers will receive the payment. These payments may be deposited directly or sent in the mail in the form of a debit card. Starting in October, the state has already distributed direct deposits of $200 up to $1,050. It will continue being sent until 2023. On the other hand, debit cards were sent in the mail last December 17 and will continue until January 14 of next year.

In Illinois, a program in Cook County is distributing $500 to 3,250 eligible households every month for two years. To be eligible, a household must earn 250% or below the federal poverty level. Applicants of each household must also be aged 18 or older. However, for this program, the applications have already closed last October 21. Eligible applicants were chosen randomly via a lottery. Those who were chosen were reportedly notified last November. In January of next year, residents of Illinois can look forward to seeing the first round of payments arrive.

In Virginia, the Universal Basic Income (UBI) program is funded by the government. This program offers a series of recurring payments to the residents. In the city of Alexandria, specifically, the Guaranteed Income Pilot program will be distributing $500 to 170 recipients every month for two years. This program will operate until December of next year. According to Alexandria City officials, the first batch of checks could be expected to arrive on the last week of January next year.

In Idaho, the issuance of rebate checks was approved last September. This program was a part of the $1 billion deal to decrease the surplus in Idaho’s budget. All taxpayers who have filed their tax returns should have been given tax rebate checks last Thanksgiving. Roughly 192,000 rebate checks have been distributed already. The rebate checks amount to $300 for individuals and $600 for joint filers. However, due to limitations to the system, some residents will have to wait for their checks to arrive in February of next year, as reported by Xie.


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