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Updates of Missing American College Student Kenny Deland

A college student from the United States who vanished and was the subject of extensive media coverage and search operations across Europe has been found safe.

The family of 22-year-old Kenny DeLand Jr. said on Friday morning that their son was safe in Spain and that he was getting ready to go home.

In the announcement, his father, Kenny DeLand Sr. stated that they are so pleased to announce that Kenny is safe. He is in Spain, and Carol, his wife and is getting ready to see Kenny and maybe bring him home for Christmas.”

According to an article published by Vandoorne & Hanna (2022), the father stated that the entire scenario seems strange. DeLand Sr. claimed that although his son did not provide many specifics regarding his activities over the previous weeks, he did claim to be in Spain and request that his father stop contacting media outlets. “But Ken, this is what parents do, I said. We’re concerned about you,” DeLand Sr. said to his son.

In line with a story published by Osborne & Grant (2022), on November 27, when he sent a WhatsApp message to his father, he last spoke with his family. The following day, DeLand reportedly went to class, then on November 29, he reportedly left his host family’s house and caught a train towards Valence. DeLand took no more than his phone, wallet, some food, and a spare set of clothes on the trip.

On Nov. 30, his phone rang at the Valence Station, and on Dec. 3, video surveillance captured him entering a sports goods store, but he didn’t contact his loved ones throughout those two weeks.

The Grenoble public prosecutor, Eric Vaillant, revealed that he had spoken to DeLand’s parents after learning of his discovery in Spain.

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