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Ukrainian Military Ready to Reclaim Crimea, According to a Biden Admin Official

Nothing bad is about to happen, but officials are concerned that a large-scale attack on Crimea that threatens Russia’s control of the peninsula could prompt President Vladimir Putin to use nuclear weapons.

According to two US officials familiar with the matter, a Biden administration official recently told members of Congress that Ukraine has the military capability to reclaim Crimea, but there are fears among certain officials that a major offensive that challenges Russia’s control of the peninsula may prompt Putin to utilize nuclear weapons, as stated in an article by NBC News published on December 16, 2022.

The briefing, which took place in late November, included discussion of the reasons why Ukraine will need ongoing support in the form of weapons and equipment from the US soon. When asked about continued assistance to the Ukrainian military and the possibility of Ukraine attempting to reclaim Crimea, the Biden administration official reportedly indicated that Ukraine is now capable of doing so.

However, a US official has stated that Ukraine does not have any impending plans to take back Crimea and that a military offensive is not about to happen. Administration officials have also indicated that they believe three recent deadly drone strikes against Russian military bases were carried out by Ukrainians, although it is not clear if the Zelenskyy government ordered them directly.

According to a US official, the Ukrainians continue to impress the world with their performance on the battlefield.

The Biden administration is currently considering whether to fulfill the continued requests of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s government for stronger weaponry, such as ATACMS missile systems and tanks, as Ukraine asserts that Russia is planning to send 200,000 additional troops to attack Kyiv. A spokesperson for the National Security Council refused to comment on the matter.

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