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Supreme Court Takes Another Case Against Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

Student Activists On Student Debt
Student Activists On Student Debt

On December 12, the Supreme Court took up another case against U.S. President Joe Biden’s $400 billion worth of Student Loan Forgiveness Plan. The decision means this other case will be heard alongside a case they have already agreed to hear in February, says Fritze.

Student Loan Forgiveness Plan [Photo: USA Today]

Student Loan Forgiveness Plan [Photo: USA Today]

According to Hurley, the Student Loan Forgiveness Plan, which allowed eligible students to dissolve up to $20,000 in debt, has already been blocked since October. The administration has already shut down the application process ever since. Those who will stand against the program will have to show a legal standing to be able to file a lawsuit. This means that the plaintiffs have to demonstrate how they were directly harmed by the program. If the Supreme Court arrives at the legal question of whether Biden had the power to forgive loans, his administration would struggle against the Court’s conservative majority.

Supreme Court Has The Final Say

The Supreme Court will have the final decision on whether the Student Loan Forgiveness Plan goes into effect even after the lower courts have blocked both cases. The case the Supreme Court would take up involves two students who both hold loan debts, Myra Brown and Alexander Taylor. Both students claimed that the administration had fallen short of following the correct procedure to announce the plan. The Supreme Court declared that it would consider whether Brown and Taylor had the standing to file their lawsuit. And if the Supreme Court finds out they do, it would also consider whether the plan was lawful, as reported by Hurley.

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