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Dead Individuals From California Receive Inflation Relief Payments; Can Heirs Keep The Money?

California Inflation Relief Payment
California Inflation Relief Payment [Photo: KTLA]

California locals who filed a state income tax return in 2020 have received one-time inflation relief payments, including some of those who have already departed. Often called stimulus payments, lawmakers of the state approved the payment in June to help bear the rising costs of gasoline and other goods, says Stewart.

California Inflation Relief Payment

California Inflation Relief Payment

Most residents of California who filed an income tax return in 2020 are eligible unless their income was too high. Way back in 2020, the payments range from $400 to $1,050 for most married couples and $200 to $700 for the rest of the taxpayers. The payments depend on the amount of their income and whether they have claimed any dependents on their 2020 tax return. Under the state laws of California, individuals who filed a 2020 tax return as a single person without any dependents will not be entitled to the money if they were no longer alive at the time it was issued.

Can heirs keep the money?

The Franchise Tax Board has taken measures to prevent deceased individuals and those who are not eligible from receiving stimulus payments. However, if a non-eligible person does receive the stimulus payment, the Board has guidelines on how to return erroneous payments on their website. According to the Franchise Tax Board website, “deceased individuals who did not use the filing status single, or who claimed another person as a dependent on their 2020 tax return, may qualify for the payment.” This suggests that a dead individual’s heir may keep the stimulus payment, according to Stewart.

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