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Heart Surgery Saves Baby Whose Parents Refused Vaccinated Blood

Baby custory (Photo by Ksenia Chernaya via Pexels)

A 6-month-old baby whose parents refused to use Covid-19-vaccinated blood got life-saving heart surgery in New Zealand.

The baby, whose name cannot be revealed for legal reasons, was ordered to stay in the court’s custody until he was well enough to go home this week.

After the parents refuse vaccinated blood for heart surgery, the New Zealand court takes custody of the baby.

According to court filings, the court-appointed two doctors to oversee the operation and blood distribution.


Baby custody (Photo by Ksenia Chernaya via Pexels)

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The Verdict Allows Doctors to Aid the Baby

The baby needed open-heart surgery to survive. The surgery was delayed because the baby’s parents wanted only unvaccinated blood.

On Friday, the parent’s lawyer, Sue Grey, told Radio New Zealand (RNZ), a CNN affiliate, that the parents contacted her to say the surgery was over and their kid was doing well.

The hospital summoned the police on Thursday because the baby’s parents wouldn’t let physicians test his blood, take a chest X-ray, or check his anesthetic, RNZ reported.

On Thursday night, the parents were ordered to quit interfering with doctors preparing for surgery.

Donated Blood Rarely Contain Spike Protein

Despite two years of global immunization programs, the instance has drawn attention to vaccine misinformation.

The verdict stated that the baby’s parents believed spike proteins found in the blood of vaccinated people were causing unexpected fatalities related to transfusions.

However, the New Zealand Blood Service wrote in a Q&A on its website that the possibility of finding spike protein in donated blood is very low, and if it is there at all, it will be in the picogram range. It further that there is evidence that this causes any harm to receivers.

The blood service refused the parents’ request to accept a donation from a family member since it didn’t care if a donor was vaccinated.

The court heard that Auckland’s Starship Hospital’s head pediatric heart surgeon, Dr. Kirsten Finucane, advised the parents that a directed donor was just unfeasible this week.

The court heard that Finucane and other experts determined that the baby’s procedure required blood or blood products.

Doctors and parents disagreed about treating and blooding the baby. In November, the New Zealand Health Service invoked the Care of Children Act to petition the court to temporarily appoint a doctor to protect the baby for medical purposes.

The New Zealand health ministry reports high Covid-19 vaccination rates. 90% of 12–18-year-olds have had two shots, and 70% of eligible adults have had their first booster.

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