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Angered Texas Woman Violently Stabbing Boyfriend’s Stomach After He Showed Privates to Kids

An angered Texas woman got arrested because of violently stabbing her boyfriend’s stomach when he was supposed to reveal private to her three kids, reported Crime online.

The victim; identified as Charles Brown, 31, stated that his girlfriend Sinter Masked attacked him on November 1. She mistakenly thought he was messaging other women on his phone and wanted him to pay for her fare going to work and back.

After the violent incident; the woman later said that she knifed her boyfriend in the gut for what he did. it seemed that Brown acted perversely to her kids; from ages 5, 6, and 9 speaking to the media, mentioned Texomas.

The man is supposed to show his privates to the three kids when she found out; bringing on rage.

Details reveal that Mask was taken into custody last November 2 after the deadly assault with a bladed weapon.

Last Friday, Brown did not fare better after the perverted exposure that got him charged due to an indecent act with a child.

More information about the case

Based on a report another outlet disclosed from an interview representing a child advocacy center. Mask’s eldest daughter said that while watching a movie the boyfriend exposed himself naked in the bathroom.

But that was not the end because he mounted the brother, 5, and uttered obscenities; that the girl told.

Brown at one point according to the girl said he’ll beat them all up as a threat. He did not want their mother to know.

Due to the attack with a bladed weapon the woman was charged for the stabbing incident a month back. Other details revealed that she had tampered with evidence after cleaning the blood coming from the stabbing.

More news came as the Mask was revealed to have an arrest in 2019 when faking proof of deadly theft. The angered Texas woman is jailed and has a $75,000 bond for stabbing her boyfriend’s stomach.



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