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Woman’s Corpse Discovered in Residence of Dating App Predator Connected to Another Murder Investigation

A Wisconsin man is identified as a dating app predator who was caught last month because he kidnapped an old woman. Several women have also been victimized and have reported crime online.

He is a person of interest in the deaths of two women that have yet to be solved.

One law enforcement source spoke to WDJT and said the suspect, Timothy Olson, and the mother had discovered a woman’s corpse where they lived in Racine on November 8. Allegedly, Olson used the woman’s car and left it.

Based on the news outlet that informed me that Olson is being investigated as the main suspect in the murder, which followed two weeks after happenings at home,

However, the cops involved in the case of the dead woman related to the November 8 case told the media outlet that a woman’s corpse was laying in the suspected murderer’s bed.

More details about the criminal

When he was arrested by authorities on alleged charges last November 29, he had duped three women, all of whom had lost consciousness with him; he had also kidnapped a 79-year-old woman.

Details were given by the Franklin police, who charged Olson with several crimes like identity theft and burglary on November 23. One outlet disclosed that Olson solicited an old woman at the bar for a drink, as narrated.

But the woman did not like what he did and refused him, then left abruptly. But he cornered her in the parking lot and abducted her for a few hours; he said that he was armed. He got credit cards and cash from her.

Early in November, the Racine police told people about the MO of Olson, who met women on a dating site. Three women in three places were mentioned; one claimed to have been roofied.

Olson told the news outlet from behind bars that he never drugged women and that they gave him gifts, including credit cards; he wasn’t a dating app predator and didn’t acknowledge the woman’s corpse.

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