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Twitter Blue on iPhone will cost $11 per month, $7 on Website

Twitter button on mobile phone
Twitter button on mobile phone (Photo by Tracy Le Blanc via Pexels)

Twitter will charge $11 monthly for Twitter Blue on iPhone to cover Apple’s 30% cut from in-app purchases. It will, however, be $7 monthly on the web.

Before Twitter Blue was paused, a subscription cost $7.99. The Information reports that certain employees were informed of the revised prices. However, Twitter CEO Elon Musk is notorious for making rapid choices, so it is unclear if plans could change.

Twitter button on mobile phone

Twitter button on mobile phone (Photo by Tracy Le Blanc via Pexels)

With this new pricing for the iPhone app, Twitter can pay Apple 30% of in-app purchases without affecting its bottom line. Experts speculate that this price difference would push most buyers to subscribe over the web. This will, nevertheless, save Twitter in-app purchase expenses.

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Other Applications Charging More on iPhone

Twitter’s new pricing is not a surprise. The cut Apple takes from in-app purchases has also compelled other companies, such as Spotify, to raise their prices. They are charging more on the iPhone than on the web, as Twitter is planning to do. It may be confusing to some consumers why gadget prices vary. But this is how Apple deals with its partners.

Still, Apple takes no issue with companies charging more for in-app subscriptions than on the web.

The Story Behind the Price Change

Twitter and Apple altered Twitter Blue prices after a brief dispute. Musk blasted Apple’s App Store prices last week and claim that Apple threatened to ban Twitter from its App Store. However, after meeting with Tim Cook, Musk recanted.

Apple Park hosted Musk-Cook. Musk said they had a “nice talk” and that there was a “misunderstanding” regarding Twitter being removed from the App Store.

Twitter Blue returns Friday. After Musk verified Twitter Blue, anyone with $8 could claim to be a firm, celebrity, or another high-profile individual. Twitter Blue memberships ended. Twitter Blue has been unavailable since November 11.

Twitter Blue’s relaunch will likely include badge colors for corporations, government accounts, and individuals and constraints on username changes and account creation.

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