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Famous Motorcyclist Philip Keyes of Acton Cause of Death

Famous Motorcyclist Philip Keyes of Acton Die
Image Source: Bicycling Magazine

Famous Motorcyclist Philip Keyes- Introduction

Philip Keyes was a famous motorcyclist. He was born on 4 November 1958 in Norfolk and then he grew up in Concord, MA. He was a caring father of two children and fully devoted husband to his beautiful wife of 33 years and an obedient son of his parents. Philip loved to travel and love the beauty of nature. He was a cool and adventurous man. He served as New England Mountain Bike Association’s Executive Director for 26 years. Through Philip, he grows the NEMBA into one of the largest mountain bike groups in the whole nation.

In the year 2008, he was honoured to be in the Hall of Fame of the Mountain bike and recognized for his efforts in mountain bike improvement. Philip also loved to play his guitar and entertain the town with his pet monkey.

He completed his education at Fenn School and later at Concord Academy.

When he was at the University of Chicago as an undergraduate he meet his future wife Nanyee. After their marriage, the couple has a son named Natan. And later on, Philip started studying at Standford university and a few years later their daughter Maxine was born in Bolivia where Philip was leaving and researching with the local people of Quechua. Later on, the family goes settled in Acton, Massachusetts. There Philips started working for New England Mountain Bike Association and there he also write for the magazine named Dirt Rag.

After some years Philip’s wife passed away because of natural reasons later on Philip met his partner Gloria Tu, and then they started sharing love and travelling and started doing entertainment. He was a great man who gained huge love and consideration due to his pure work.

What happened to Philip Keyes

Famous Motorcyclist Philip Keyes of Acton Cause of Death

Image Source:
Bicycling Magazine

On 29 November 2022 on Tuesday, the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office stated that a bike and car collision happened in Acton on 31 October. According to the police verification, Philip was travelling on his motorcycle on Great Road and then collide with an 82-year-old woman who was travelling in his opposite direction on 31 October. Philip gets many injuries in the accident and later, on November 16 passed away while facing the injuries at the age of 64. He is no more with his relatives and close ones, and everyone is feeling really shocked and surprised because of his sudden death and expressing their deep condolence for their family. His news of passing away spreads rapidly and goes on viral.

He will receive a lifetime achievement award on November 19, on the occasion of the 35th-anniversary celebration of NEMBA’s at Northfield, New Hampshire.

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