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What is Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre Cause of Death?

Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre
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Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre- Introduction

Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre was a native of Montemorelos situated in Mexico. She was the nanny of the famous celebrity Clark and worked for four generations for the Clark family. Because of this Clark and Aguirre’s bond is very tight. Mrs Aguirre was married to her husband Mr Amedo and also had a daughter of their own, but after all this, she loves charlie very much and considers him as her own son and treats him like his mother. Most of the time charlie used Aguirre in his marketing campaigns and many times they both roles in many Hollywood movies.

Charlie Clark Nissan Harlingen achieves rapid success after the partnership with the Latino community and from then charlie never looks back in his life.

Aguirre whose facial look is like an old lady it is because of her old age and because of this look, she was seen in many advertisements with charlie and plays roles according to the need.

How Is Charlie Clark Nissan:

Charlie Clark Nissan is the founder of Charlie Clark Nissan EI Paso. He was born in 1970 in McAllen Texas in America Much of his childhood was spent with his “Nana”.Charlie carries on his family business which was bought back by his grandfather in 1933, at that time his grandfather purchased his first car dealership and started the business.

He passed his school at San Marcos Academy which is located in San Marcos, Texas, where he completed his high school. later he completed his graduation from Texas Christian University. As a successful businessman, he is also a filmmaker and actor. He got married to Marina Alvarez. He becomes very famous all over the USA after his movie “Green Ghost and the Masters of the Stone. Now he has a total net worth of $8.37 Million.

Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre Cause of Death

Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre

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Charlie Clark Nissan informed or shared the bad news of the death of Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre at Grand Terrace Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, who was the well-known ‘Nana’ of the Rio Grande Valley. The reason for her death is said to be natural, she died because of her old age.  Clark also shared the bad news of passing Nana on Facebook. He mentioned, “With a heart full of sorrow, I inform you of the passing of Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre ‘Nana’. She will always become in our hearts and may she rest in peace, we are all thankful for the love and affection towards her, she was a lady of a pure heart”. Clark also revealed that she is someone whom we look up to. And also stated that his recent movie, “Green Ghost” was also made in Nana’s honour.

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