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Who Is Sandy Dawson? How Did Sandy Dawson Die?

Image source: The Australian

Who is Sandy Dawson 

Alexander Tamerlane Sinclair Dawson was born in 1972. He was an Australian barrister and was highly specialised in the law of defamation. He was also a founding member of Banco Chambers located in Sydney in 2004. From there he started his career and in 2016 he was appointed as a Senior Counsel. Later on, he was also involved in a process held in Australia to reform Australia’s Defamation laws. Dawson often participated in many local or urban organisations to develop or generate ideas and skills in them. And in 2019 he represented a variety of media organisations against Buzzfeed. Dawson has a sister named Katrina, who was also a barrister. She was shot dead by unknown people in 2014. Sandy Dawson was one of the famous leading defamation lawyers in Australia. Many people say that Dawson was a man who can easily maintain his charm with his words not only to the public but also to the courtroom. And he was also much more gorgeous, courageous, brave, strong, thoughtful and a very kind-hearted man. During his career, he appeared in several highly profiled cases in Australia. Dawson served as a director of the Katrina Dawson foundation which is related to his sister Katrina Dawson.

 Sandy Dawson’s Cause Of Death


Mr Dawson passed away peacefully at the early age of 50, he was surrounded by his family and relatives at the time when he passed away. The death reason is stated to be brain cancer, he passed away after 8 years of his sister’s death in the Sydney city centre shootout on 16 December 2014. He was suffering from brain cancer since last year. All his relatives and friends have deep sorrow and condolence for his death. His friends said that “this happen all of sudden, we can’t even imagine what happened to a young man, he will always be in our hearts”. Many popular social media influencers and politicians and artists posted a deep sorrowful message for him. The chief justice said that “I will never see a man like Dawson in my life, and also said that it was a tragedy”. 

Further information about Dawson

Sandy Dawson is survived by his wife Alex and has four children named Jack, Holly, Freya and Henry. His family asked for no flowers but suggest donations to the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation instead. Dawson was a true gentleman with the sharpest intellect. He was really an extraordinary man in his friendly profession. Dawson faced his final battle with brain cancer and leave this world fighting for nonviolence, love and health.

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