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Tori Lynn Andreozzi, who survived brain injury two decades ago, dies at 32.

Tori Lynn Andreozzi

Stories of people like Tori make us view life from different perspectives. While getting paralytic seems to be the end course of life for some, Tori never gave up on living her life to the fullest. Her life had a meaning and purpose which changed the lives of many.

Who is Tori Lynn Andreozzi?

Tori Lynn Andreozzi (1)
Tori Andreozzi was a victim of a hit-and-run drunk driving on March 26, 2003, when she was on her way from school. The girl was 12 years old, and the accident changed her life and those around her. The accident resulted in Tori having severe brain damage and having to live in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Tori survived the accident but can never go to school like normal kids or do anything like she would have, as the injury rendered her unable to speak or walk. Before the accident, the girl was a champion of black belt karate and dance. Despite the accident, Tori led an inspiring life when she competed in a dance competition and won it in 2019.

Tori Lynn Andreozzi’s mother:

Tori Lynn Andreozzi mother
Tori’s mother, Cathy, was so devastated by the tragic accident her daughter went through that she created an organization to educate young minds on wise decision-making and making a difference. The organization promotes legislation to improve road and highway safety and awareness of brain injury patients while supporting their families in trying times. Tori and Cathy met Dante Bellini two years later while working with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and he instantly became part of the family. He worked with the mother and the daughter in his Ripple Effect campaign for the R.I. Department of Transportation Office.

Tori Lynn Andreozzi’s death and tribute:

Tori Lynn Andreozzi death
According to Dante, Tori was hospitalized for the past few weeks. Despite the strenuous efforts made by the doctors, therapists, caregivers, and her family, Tori passed away on Tuesday, November 2, 2022, in the care of her loved ones in Narragansett’s home at 32. Bellini added that Tori had suffered with the brain injury long enough, and her little body finally got tired and wanted to leave.
Her funeral is set to be held at 10 am, Saturday, November 5, 2022, from the Thomas & Walter Quinn Funeral Home, 2435 Warwick Ave. A reception will occur before the funeral on Friday, around 4-8 pm.

Tori Lynn Andreozzi’s family:

Tori Lynn Andreozzi family
Cathay Andreozzi and her partner Mark Constantine were Tori’s biggest fans and motivation, and Tori led a satisfying life thanks to her mother’s love and care. Tori is survived by her brother Robbie, his wife, Tori’s sister-in-law Shaynna Andreozzi, and her niece, Lena Andreozzi. Tori’s maternal grandparents are Ira Mobley and the late Rita Mobley from Warwick. Her father is Robert Andreozzi, and his parents are Stella and Rocco Andreozzi, Tori’s paternal grandparents. She also has Aunts and uncles to remember her, David Mobley and his wife Pam Bibeault, Jodi and Paul Fontaine, Kerri and Carlos Rodrigues, and along with her godmother Susanna Racca and her husband, Ed. Tori.

Tori Lynn Andreozzi’s foundation:

Tori Lynn Andreozzi foundation
The main motive of the foundation is to empower people to make wise decisions and protect families facing the consequences of someone else’s rash decisions. The foundation encourages people to understand that regardless of the results they meet, courage is a choice to make a difference and hope for a better future.
The Tori Lynn Andreozzi Foundation is based in Rhode Island, and it promotes legislation to increase road and hideaway safety and shape young minds.
The foundation has changed the lives of many and collaborates with other groups like MADD, SADD, Youth in Action, and the Brain Injury Association of Rhode Island.

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