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COVID-19 Update: Active Cases, Hospitalizations Slightly Declines in Arkansas

Tired exhausted doctor, nurse after long shift fighting against Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) at hospital clinic. (Photo: Monash University)

The number of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 in Arkansas dropped for the 12th day in a row on Friday. Officials have already recorded its lowest level in more than three months.

The number of COVID-19 patients on ventilators and in critical care, on the other hand, increased after decreasing the day before. Hence, Gov. Asa Hutchinson wants his fellow Arkansans to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Reinfections can and have occurred even after recovery, according to the researchers. They’ll grow more common as immunity wears off and new SARS-CoV-2 strains emerge. (Photo: iStock)

COVID-19 Cases Decline in Arkansas: Data Dipping in 12 Days

The number of cases in the state increased by 714, the fourth daily rise in a row less than a week ago. According to the Department of Health (via KARK), the mortality toll from the virus in Arkansas increased by 16, to 8,192.

The number of people infected with the virus in Arkansas hospitals has decreased by four, to 501. After dropping by ten on Thursday, the number of people using ventilators increased by eight, to 161.

Intensive care patients increased by 20, reaching 263, the highest amount in six days. However, the number of vacant critical care unit beds in the state increased by 20, to 130, owing to a decrease in non-covid-19 patients in intensive care.

COVID-19 patients accounted for about 24% of all critical care patients in the Arkansas, up from 22% the day before. On Friday, the rise in instances was 25 percent lower than the previous Friday.

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The average daily rise over a rolling seven-day period dropped to 642, its lowest level since the week ending July 8.

Following a day of increases, the number of active cases in the state dropped by 67 to 6,753, as recoveries and deaths outpaced new cases. However, the figure as of Friday was still 51 more than the amount as of Wednesday.

Gov. Hutchinson Urges Arkansans To Get Vaccinated

In a tweet, Gov. Asa Hutchinson urges Arkansans to get vaccinated. He added that free vaccines and “incentives” would be available during the Arkansas State Fair for those who want to do so.


As the week draws to a conclusion, Hutchinson has seen a constant stream of new instances. However, the number of current cases has decreased significantly. He said that the Department of Health would be on hand during the State Fair to provide free vaccines and incentives to anybody who receives them.

Meanwhile, the rise in vaccination doses recorded by providers was 28 more than the previous Friday’s total of 6,986. Following a seven-day decline, the average number of dosages given each day increased to 5,799.

The third dosage, which includes booster injections of the Pfizer vaccine for individuals who got their second dose at least six months earlier, accounted for 46% of the most recently reported doses.

The first doses, which included the Johnson & Johnson single-shot vaccination, accounted for 26% of the rise. Pfizer and Moderna second dosages accounted for 28% of the total.

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