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No One Is Exempt From Accidents-Run Away

No one is exempt from having an accident leaving the house and slipping on the platform stumbling when getting off a bus reverse the car and hit a pole pushing someone unintentionally run over a bicycle throw it off a bridge and leave fatalities

In the latter case as happened a few days ago on the outskirts of Bogotá the problem is not having caused the accident as such because as far as I understand no one wants to cause an accident and less of that magnitude

What is terrifying is to think that had he been aware of what happened the truck driver would have fled and clumsily sought not to leave a trace of something that was impossible to hide However it is important to make it clear that to this day the latter has not been confirmed

However it would be worth examining the statistics on how many people have this reflex to run away after causing an accident

And although it is not a question of comparing figures and much less saying that this also happens in more developed countries and that it has nothing to do with our culture I believe that the lack of responsibility and solidarity is part of one of the central problems of Colombian society and we have done very little to solve it

Moreover it seems almost normal to us that someone tries to fly away and when the person acts differently that is they stop they worry about the other they assume the consequences of their actions we feel almost grateful

What comes next in this story is more of the same and becomes clear proof of the ethical chaos that exists in our context the truck driver does not stop the press emphasizes showing the video with a certain yellowish tendency and An angry herd of vigilantes asks for the head of the person responsible because justice not only takes time to act but also generates such mistrust that sometimes it is better not to think about it

One misfortune after another that doesnt even give us time to worry about the victim and his family

Why is it so difficult for us to assume our responsibility and be in solidarity To what extent does our educational system and respect for certain norms have something to do with all this The idea is not to pontificate about it and each case is as different as it is complex to analyze

However there are patterns of behavior that allow us to question the weak and malleable formation in values that our educational system promotes

Yes there are a series of rules that we do not know or want to respect because we are not aware of their importance for living in community

In the case of road accidents a single example is enough it is the confusion that prevails in our minds in relation to traffic regulations

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