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Stimulus Check Update: Child Tax Credit To Roll Out Soon; $2,000 Online Petition Gets Boost From These 4 States

Stimulus Checks
States that are distributing Stimulus Checks. (Photo: CGTN)

A significant milestone has been reached in an online petition urging legislators and President Joe Biden to support a stimulus plan that includes $2,000 monthly payments to all Americans. While the IRS and lawmakers are unlikely to sway this petition, child tax credit stimulus payments will continue to flow to American families in October 2021.

SAN FRANCISCO – MARCH 15: San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom holds a mock stimulus check as he speaks to union workers during a rally in support of a proposed stimulus reform package for the City of San Francisco March 15, 2010 in San Francisco, California. Hundreds of union workers held a rally on the steps of San Francisco City Hall in support of a proposed stimulus reform package that would bring millions of dollars to the city to fund construction projects and create new jobs. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Fourth Stimulus Check Tracker: $2000 Online Petition Gets Boost From California, Texas, Florida and New York

Stephanie Bonin, a Colorado restaurant owner, launched a petition for repeating stimulus payouts last year. She highlighted how important it would be for many Americans to have regular monthly payments.

According to Bonin, the epidemic is unlikely to stop anytime soon “To keep our heads above water, we need quick checks and regular payments. Congress must ensure that we are not financially destroyed as a result of our efforts to keep the nation healthy “according to

Bonin’s online petition has received 2,919,496 signatures so far, out of a total of 3 million. It received backing from every state in the nation as it neared completion. provided Newsweek with a statistical breakdown of the 2.9 million signatures. These signatures were collected from several states. However, just four states provided the majority of the signatures.

Four of the most populated states in the United States include California, Texas, Florida, and New York. The online petition received 995,000 signatures from these four states, with California accounting for 30% of the total. Keep in mind that 344,000 Californian signatures are a small amount compared to the state’s 39 million residents.

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Illinois and Pennsylvania, for example, each provided over 100,000 signatures. A total of 11 unnamed nations also gave between 50,000 and 100,000 signatures.

Alaska, Delaware, Maine, Idaho, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming were among the 11 states that provided fewer than 10,000 signatures apiece.

Finally, 97 percent of the signatures came from individuals in the United States, while just 3% came from people from other countries.

With all of these statistics in hand, it’s interesting to notice how few signatures there are compared to the state’s population.

According to Newsweek, even if the online petition received 3 million signatures, it would only account for 1% of the country’s population. Regardless of the accomplishments made by Bonin’s online petition, it claimed that the current level of support is insufficient to persuade Congress and the Biden Administration to approve a fourth stimulus check.

Child Tax Credit: October Payment Is Nearing

The next child tax credit payment is just a week away, CNet said. After that, only two more checks for November and December will be handed out this year. Payments may total up to $300 for each kid under the age of six and $250 every child from six to seventeen. If you’re an eligible parent who hasn’t yet gotten one of the three monthly checks — or haven’t received any money at all — your October payment may be modified, depending on your circumstances.

The advance payments are designed to assist households receive cash now for spending in 2021, with the remainder of the credit coming during tax season the following year. However, there have been a number of issues along the road, including lost checks, erroneous amounts, and out-of-date IRS data on everything from income to dependents. Many parents have attempted to update their household information online via the IRS Update Portal. Still, the tax agency has not yet made that option accessible.

One alternative is to opt-out of the November and December inspections entirely. Families with complex tax circumstances or shared custody, as well as parents who just want to keep the remainder of their money in 2022, may opt-out before the Nov. 1 deadline. It’s too late to opt-out of the October payment.

The next payment will be sent on Oct. 15 by direct transfer and mail. Remember, you’ll receive half of the money in monthly installments this year and the rest when you file your taxes in 2022, unless you notify the IRS you want to opt-out of the remaining advance payments and have them applied to your credit next year.

To put it another way, your single biggest payment will be due next year. Until then, you’ll get six smaller installments this year, which you may begin spending right away. The goal is to get you money sooner, which is why the checks are labeled as “advance payments” for things like rent, food, and child care.

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