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11-Year NYPD Veteran Impersonates as Landlord To Deceive Potential Renters

An NYPD officer is under investigation for pretending to be a landlord to swindle renters out of money. (Photo: via USA Today)

A New York City Police Department (NYPD) officer is suspected of impersonating a landlord to deceive potential renters.

Burban Pierre, an 11-year veteran, executed the plan over four months using Craigslist. Pierre would post his rented basement flat on Craigslist, asking for up to $2,800 in security deposits and the first month’s rent. These people would even sign a fictitious lease, According to the New York Daily News.

In a recently published article in MSN, one of the victims, Vivian Griffith, reportedly paid the officer $2,200 in advance and signed a lease in April but became dissatisfied with the arrangement when she could not move in. He had told her that he owned the entire structure.

Griffith Went to the Place and was Surprised that Pierre is a Cop

She learned about Pierre’s alleged fraud from neighbors near the basement flat, which allegedly affected eight potential renters. She also discovered for the first time that he was a police officer at this time.

Griffith told the New York Daily News that she knocked on the people’s door upstairs.; and according to them, Pierre is also a renter living downstair. She showed them the lease, and they said Griffith is the seventh person on the list, among eight individuals who went there. Nevertheless, he never revealed his identity as a cop, she remarked.

Griffith’s move-in date was initially planned for May 31. As the deadline came, it was repeatedly postponed for different reasons, with Pierre blaming a previous renter who refused to vacate. The cop claimed to be on his way to Florida for a funeral the last time Griffith heard from him.

Pierre is presently under investigation, according to the New York Daily News. He joined the police in 2010 and worked in two precincts in Manhattan before being transferred to Bronx Court.

Griffith said in dismay that the event was caused by the police who is meant to protect and serve. (Photo: via Ny1)

Police are Meant to Protect and Serve People

Conforming to the statement of NYPD spokesperson Sgt. Jessica McRorie that the Internal Affairs Bureau is looking into the incident. She added that the officer’s present duty status has been changed. On the other hand, Newsweek contacted the NYPD for comment on the report and received the same response.

Meanwhile, Griffith said in dismay that the event was caused by the police who is meant to protect and serve. She also said that it’s incredible that a cop would go to such extent to rob individuals who don’t have anything. “It’s disheartening and upsetting,” Griffith remarked.

According to the building’s real landlord, Pierre’s idea was first brought to Pierre’s attention two months ago. Consequently, the cop has evicted right away. Nonetheless, the landlord admitted that he heard the tales. According to him,when he found out about it, Pierre had no choice but to leave.




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