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COVID-19 Vaccine Update: Arkansas Senator Wants Natural Immunity to Be Considered Same as Vaccination Rates

Vitamin that boosts immune system against COVID-19. (Photo: Anadolu Agency)

An Arkansas senator is proposing new legislation that would regard COVID-19 natural immunity the same as someone vaccinated against the virus.

Sen. Trent Garner shared a draft of the bill on Twitter on Tuesday. He expressed his desire for the state to “recognize natural immunity to the same degree as vaccination rates.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, natural immunity is developed through exposure to the disease organism through infection with the actual illness.

When evidence of natural immunity is needed in the state, Garner’s bill would enable it to be used in the same way as proof of vaccination.

Arkansas Senator Says Natural Immunity is Just the Same as COVID-19 Vaccines

Garner admitted in his tweet that natural immunity is just as effective as vaccination in protecting against COVID-19. He also said that spontaneous immunity is just as effective as vaccination in protecting against coronavirus. As a result, he believes it is past time for Arkansas to acknowledge natural immunity to the same extent as vaccination rates.

However, CDC said those who went unprotected after a prior COVID-19 infection were twice as likely to be infected again as those who had the vaccination.


Vitamin that boosts immune system against COVID-19. (Photo: Anadolu Agency)

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Garner presented SB 730 earlier this week. The bill allows Arkansans who were dismissed for refusing to get vaccinated against coronavirus to receive unemployment benefits.

KARK said more than 1.3 million Arkansans have been completely inoculated against COVID-19, with another 295.449 having partial protection due to vaccination.

COVID-19 cases totaled 493,120 in the state, with 7,630 people dying from the virus since the pandemic started, according to the same statistics.

Experts Say Natural Immunity Not the Same as Vaccine Effects

Natural immunity to coronavirus is substantial in studies. Therefore, some people wonder whether vaccination is required.

WRBC said a body develops antibodies against COVID-19 during infection.

Deputy State Health Officer Dr. Karen Landers, citing CDC reports, said natural immunity might last 90 days. Some cases took several months more.

However, according to Dr. Landers, the degree of innate immunity varies from person to person.

According to Dr. Landers, asymptomatic or mild patients show very little immunity to coronavirus. She stated that those who have had a more severe illness are likely to have a higher level of immunity. But, once again, she said that no one wants to have a serious disease.

Even if a person had COVID-19, Landers recommends getting immunized since vaccine-induced immunity is more predictable.

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