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A Terrifying Crocodile Attack at Cape York Campsite, Some Victims Critically Injured

Examining the 4.2 metre crocodile after it had been shot 4 instances within the head (Photo: Daily Mail)

Andrew Kerr, 34, was taken from his tent at an isolated Cape York campsite by a 4.2m crocodile at 4 a.m. one morning in October 2004. The mauled and critically damaged man was then miraculously saved by Alicia Sorohan, a 61-year-old grandmother who burst out of the next tent and pounced on the creature’s head to keep him, per Daily Mail.

One of the tents at the scene of a spectacular crocodile attack in Bathurst Bay, in Queensland’s Cape York Peninsula’s extreme north (Photo: Ben Jones)

Meanwhile, Jason Sorohon was able to save his mother, who shot the massive beast four times in the head and killed it. The incident was captured by Ben Jones, who would eventually play in the NRL with the Canberra Raiders. Mr. Jones, his father Bob, and his friend Justin Robertson had made their first trip to Bathurst Bay on the Cape York Peninsula. Mr. Jones got up quite early the morning they were supposed to leave for Brisbane from their tent.

However, Mr. Jones learned about a crocodile attack while saying goodbye to people tented nearby. They drove seven kilometers along a rural road to see whether the residents needed assistance. He said that it was a terrifying scene.

The 4.2-meter crocodile that savaged Andrew Kerr, 34, and Alicia Sorohan, 61, after being shot four times in the head (Photo: Daily Mail)

Victims of the Crocodile Attack Rescued

Andrew Kerr, who had just been mauled, was immediately beside the 4.2m crocodile. However, Ms. Sorohan, who had been gravely hurt, had already been whisked away to meet a Royal Flying Doctors chopper, which would transport her to Cairns Hospital.

A Quarantine helicopter had come in response to the EPIRB, with a crew of three: the pilot, a shooter, and – fortunately for the attack victims – a first aid officer. For the previous six or seven years, the Sorohans had camped there. However, Mr. Kerr, his wife Di, and their four-month-old son Kelly were on their first trip.

Mr. Jones explained that they were 30 to 40 meters back from the beach, where the beach meets the jungle. So people would assume it could be a rather safe environment, but this was a fluke occurrence that I don’t believe could have been avoided.

There was a primary tent and a few other camp-related items. Andrew and Di were inside the crocodile’s little tent. There was also an older couple, Alicia and her husband Bill, who were the grandparents of two small children, as well as three others, he added.

Furthermore, those who remained on the beach to care for Mr. Kerr informed Mr. Jones of what had occurred. The crocodile had moved up the beach, past their main camp, and around one of the cars and it had come around to the front of the tent.

A 4.2 metre crocodile dragged Andrew Kerr out of his tent at 4 a.m (Photo: Ben Jones)

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