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Fourth Stimulus Checks: $1400 Payment for Seniors Gets Strong Push, September Child Tax Credit Delayed

Stimulus Checks
States that are distributing Stimulus Checks. (Photo: CGTN)

Many needy Americans are still calling for a fourth stimulus check. Because of the higher living expense, the nonpartisan Senior Citizens League recently revealed that seniors had missed meals and critical medications. On the other hand, the IRS provided an update on the delivery of the September Child Tax Credit.

According to several activists, the cost of living adjustment (COLA) for next year is expected to be 6.2 percent, the highest in almost four decades. This implies higher prices for food, cars, gas, electricity, and other essential resources.

Stimulus Checks

IRS might consider sending the next stimulus checks physically. (Photo: AS English)

Experts warned of continuing financial difficulties in addition to rising costs. COLA may have a direct impact on the loan rate of inflation, necessitating even more money.

Finally, bear in mind that certain financial assistance may be subject to taxation. Non-taxable payments are only available to single taxpayers earning less than $25,000 per year.

Researchers from Yahoo! Finance said: “When the taxation of benefits was first introduced in 1983, only 8% of eligible families paid taxes on their benefits. Today, the estimate is that 56% of beneficiary families pay taxes on their benefits.”

With these difficult times ahead, many Americans are in urgent need of financial assistance.

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Fourth Stimulus Check Updates: September Child Tax Credit Delayed

The continuing child tax credit payments have been identified as an issue in financial assistance programs. Notably, child tax credit payments for July and August were received on schedule. Many Americans were perplexed as to what had caused the payment delays in September.

It’s essential to remember that payment delays for the child tax credit have nothing to do with qualifying. Families that got the first and second installments are automatically eligible to receive payments in September, October, November, and December. Instead, the IRS is to blame.

The IRS acknowledged that they were experiencing trouble getting their payments released. In a tweet, they recognized the fact that some people had not yet received their September payments. The institution presently investigates this issue, and we will provide more information as soon as feasible.

The IRS did not provide any further information on the reasons for the delays. They did, however, clarify that the issue is with their systems. For the time being, American households must wait for further IRS upgrades and enhancements.

Fourth Stimulus Check Updates: $1400 Payment for Seniors Gets Strong Push

The Senior Citizen League is proposing a fourth stimulus check for seniors, Newsweek said. COLA changes, the group claimed, had begun to impact their continuing payments, leading many seniors to go into debt. Food stamps, rental subsidies, and other kinds of assistance are all on the minds of low-income seniors.

The group went on to describe the continuing issues that their elders were facing. When five seniors went to a food pantry to apply for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the price of bacon increased by 11%, beef by 10.6%, and fresh fish by 8.5 percent. As a consequence, seniors ate meatless, poultry-free, fish-free, and dairy-free meals.

The Senior Citizen League has started a petition to get $1400 stimulus payments for the time being. The government has not yet responded.

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