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Food Assistance Known as SNAP Benefits To Increase Starting October

SNAP Benefits
SNAP Benefits will increase starting October. (Photo: NBC News)

US President Joe Biden announced that the largest permanent increase in food stamp benefits has been approved, a boost that the White House and proponents of the move hope will help low-income families afford healthier food choices when stocking their refrigerators and pantries.

SNAP Benefits

SNAP Benefits will increase starting October. (Photo: Click Orlando)

SNAP Benefits Will Increase More Than 25% Pre-Pandemic Level

In a published article in ALJAZEERA, beginning in October, average food stamp payments — officially known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP — will rise by more than 25 percent above pre-pandemic levels.

SNAP payments are now received by 42 million individuals in the United States or approximately one in every eight people. Last year, SNAP received a 15% increase to shield Americans from the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic. However, this advantage is set to expire in September.

The increase in benefits, according to US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, “will do a better job of providing nutritious food for low-income families,” according to a published article in CNBC.

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How Much is the Average Monthly Per-Person Will Receive?

According to official statistics, the average monthly per-person payments for eligible beneficiaries will increase by $36, from $121 to $157. Nutritionists claim that the increase will help American families make better food choices and enhance their nutrition and general health.

Vilsack said “A lot of people who thought they’d never take part in the SNAP program found themselves in need. The pandemic sort of shocked people out of the belief that this was a program for someone else.”

Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also commended the latest action and said “We applaud the President for delivering this increase ahead of schedule to bolster food and economic security for millions of working families as we emerge from this crisis.”

“Parents will be able to buy nutritious food for their families, and children will not have to go to bed hungry,” she added, citing the benefit’s record increase.

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