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Animals in Texas and California Zoos To Be Vaccinated Against COVID-19

San Antonio Zoo
Animals are getting vaccinated against COVID-19. (Photo: San Antonio Things To Do)

San Antonio Zoo, Dallas Zoo, and Fort Worth Zoo have all stated that they would begin giving COVID-19 vaccinations to their animals in the near future.


Animals are getting vaccinated against COVID-19. (Photo: San Antonio Things To Do)

Animal Zoos in Texas To Get Inoculated

In a recently published article in Reform Austin, the Dallas Zoo has indicated that they would vaccinate its large cats and apes; however, they are presently on a waiting list for the vaccinations, as do many other zoos throughout the country.

Meanwhile, the director of veterinary care at the San Antonio Zoo Dr. Robe Coke said “We are looking to initially vaccinate those species that have been shown to contract COVID-19. Species such as our large and medium cat species, lesser apes, other primates, mongoose, mink, ferrets, and otters are all on our list to vaccinate. Others will be added to the list as vaccine availability and research progresses.”

Zoetis, an animal health firm, will provide the vaccinations. The vaccine has been approved for experimental use by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the relevant state veterinarians on a case-by-case basis.

Some Zoos in California Already Administered COVID-19 Vaccines

In a published article in National Geographic, 48 animals, including hyenas, chimps, and mountain lions, have received at least one dosage of an experimental COVID-19 vaccine developed specifically for animals at the Oakland Zoo in California. Half of the children had already received all of their vaccines.

Veterinary pharmaceutical firm Zoetis has received vaccination requests from dozens of zoos, research institutes, and wildlife sanctuaries. The demands came after it was announced that the San Diego Zoo’s great apes were the first zoo animals in the nation to get the vaccinations.

These plans involve sending 11,000 doses of the animal vaccination free of charge to more than 80 organizations in 27 states. It’s a positive step forward for zoo animals, who are in danger of contracting the illness due to their close contact with people.

Is it Important To Vaccinate Animals?

Zoo animals have been infected with the virus from the beginning of the pandemic. In April 2020, the Bronx Zoo will welcome tigers and lions, followed by a gorilla troop at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Two lions died at a zoo in India in June 2021 after testing positive with COVID-19.

Despite the fact that the Oakland Zoo hasn’t seen any signs of COVID-19 in its animals, Herman adds, “we knew our creatures were at danger.” Her employees are all properly vaccinated, but she adds, “we don’t know how severe Delta will be” or the danger of animal transmission.

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